Thursday, September 8

Piece from Memory Lane: Madman

I was excited, thrilled that we were alive. Then I saw her standing there and a hunger I had never known before took over. Before I could warn her my lips were pressed against her. She moaned against them; whether in protest or in arousal, I did not know. I wrapped my arms around her waist to pull her close to me. I wanted her to feel the extent of my excitement. I felt her arms slide around my neck. Her body finding its comfortable position against mine. The pleasure of her body against mine...I needed more. I needed skin. With my free hand I tore her blouse open exposing her breasts. Yes, I was hungry-starved for her! Her head fell back as she opened herself up to my attacks. Her breathing came in higher. Her moaning would only arouse me more. I sucked on her nipples, tasting the sweat. I wanted to take my time devouring every piece of her but my body froze at the touch of her fingers on my pelvis. She tickled my pubic hair lightly touching me. I couldn't wait! I'd go crazy if I didn't taker her then. I thanked the idiot who invented skirts. I ripped her lace panties and positioned myself on to of her. I paused to ask for her permission. Even with all my urgency I wouldn't finish if she did not approve. Her eyes met mine. Before I could utter a word she thrust her hips in response and I entered her. And I became lost. I was a madman. 

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