Thursday, September 8

Cleaning out Memory Lane

I am not a very clean person...I guess I should say I'm a very lazy person. I've perfected the art of procrastination actually. Friends and family sometimes give me a hard time about it. I work, I know how to cook, clean, even sow a button, hell I've even mastered balancing my check book. Buuuut, I'm lazy. I feel that if I'm not serious about being an adult it isn't really necessary for me to do all that. If my bills are paid and a roof is over my head, is it necessary for me to do all that other stuff? Besides, nowadays you can pay other adults to do the adulting for you. Right, so why do I bring this up? Well...I don't have the money to pay other adults to clean my house. So, I'm forced to do it on my own. 
I am not sure if most of you do this but I do what is called a bulk cleaning. It doesn't mean I clean a lot of rooms at once. No, on the contrary, I clean one room at a time. However, I wait until every square of it is unlivable. For example, in the kitchen I have more than one dish, I wait until I have used them all before I decide to wash the entire pile. Two days ago it was my bedroom. I managed to use all of my clothes and leave it on my bed. Making the closet empty and my bed full. My dressers were stocked with junk. I had a lot of receipts. Apparently I had gotten it in my head to save them for tax season but I'm not good at organizing them so I decided to throw them out. Besides, you never know when you need them for proof. Am I the only one that gets nervous throwing something away knowing the minute you do you're going to need it? As I was saying my room was a complete mess and the B.O. was getting uncomfortable. (Masturbating didn't help.) I gritted my teeth and got off my lazy ass to clean. Tore the room apart and assembled it back together again. It was great! Not really. I found out that I keep a lot of receipts. I found a lot of things I thought I had lost. I found a bra-don't know who the owner is on that one but she has very large breasts. The final thing I found was some writing pieces. I thought I had lost them. I broke up with my SO a year ago. I'm sure I'll write about it here at some point, that's a very fun story. I was a different person while I was going through it. Writing and drawing became a thing after drinking started to become a problem-for the people around me more than for me. I believe people force themselves to forget tragedies of their past, lucky for me it works. I can only imagine the person I was when I wrote this. But I wanted to share two pieces with you. I hope you enjoy...

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