Tuesday, August 30

Making Dreams Come True

    It's my first attempt at a blog, so do forgive the topics and horrible grammar. Lucky for you and me, I don't write the way I speak. Although, I do curse a lot. Cursing makes things funny, though, otherwise why would South Park be so fucking popular. I have a cursing problem, also I drink a lot, and I act like a huge fucking kid most of the fucking time. I haven't been able to Adult correctly since I turned 18. Honestly, I think Adults are just a myth of the past. My parents are Adults. My mother can cook from scratch, and clean any space in the house in less than 30 minutes flat. My father knows what hard work is. He sleeps, eats, and works. That's been his entire life since the 3rd Grade. I remember few moments with him. He's not dead or anything, he just works all the fucking time. Works the third shift and shit. 
   Me on the other hand, I'm living fucking royalty. We were never rich. Shit, I still live in the worst part of this city. (#HOODLIFE) Yet, looking back now, I was the richest fucking kid in the world. All I needed was cereal, and Saturday cartoons. I was a nerd so some books here and there wouldn't hurt. Then Adulthood came out of nowhere, talking about responsibilities and shit. It's exhausting and confusing and annoying. I've gone through some shit. Bad shit, good shit, long shit, hard shit, soft shit, shit that seems okay but turns out to be not okay, and shit that is pretty amazing. Now at the age that I am I'm finally starting to figure out my own shit. Like, I want to be a writer. Not just any writer, a fucking awesome-legit-fucking writer. After procrastinating for about 3 years (seriously, 3 fucking years), I finally got some ideas as well as pointers on starting a blog. 
  So, I hope you support and enjoy my writing. If it gives you a laugh or something to relate to I'll be happy enough with that. I'll let you know right now, I'm weird and random. My writing is all of me, because I pour myself into it. Which is why, I want to refrain from revealing anything about my identity. I want to be created through my blog. I want you to see me with out sexual orientation, gender, or religion. Apparently those are three factors that support biased fans. Alright, that's all I have for my first blog. It'll be a slow start but I'll get it going. Also, I wasn't kidding when I said I was weird, for all those that do know who I am I'd like to formally welcome you inside my head. ;)